How to choose earbuds that best suit you?

Headphones on the market are very common nowadays. They are in-ear type, on-ear type, over-ear type, headsets. What is the difference between them? How to choose? The following small series will organize a simple purchase strategy.

The Purpose

Before purchasing headphones, let's first make sure that we buy headphones. Why do we need to buy music to listen to music, buy games, video and audio entertainment, consider gaming headphones and audio-visual headphones, often used to talk. You can consider the headset with the main call quality.


The Way To Wear

When choosing a headset, you need to consider how to wear it. Choose whether you want to wear a headset or choose an earbud.



The headphone unit is larger, and the sound effect will be better in the dynamic headphone theory.

The earplugs, because of their compact size, are more convenient to carry, but now the headsets are slowly moving toward the path of being portable, and they are portable and foldable.


In-ear and non-in-ear earplugs

If we choose earplugs, it is divided into two types, in-ear and non-ear.

In-ear earphones are better for sound insulation, and to a certain extent, the bass effect is enhanced, which is more suitable for listening to popular music.


Parameters Of The Headset 

When we choose headphones, we often see two parameters of impedance and sensitivity. They are two important parameters that we need to pay attention to when purchasing headphones. Generally, low impedance and high sensitivity are easy to drive. It is more suitable for mobile phone audio and portable playback. Source,



The high impedance and low sensitivity are more suitable for the source of more thrust. Generally, the mobile phone and the portable player are difficult to drive, and need a special sound source to drive. It is suitable for music enthusiasts, the sound quality will be better, and the price will be more expensive.


Wired headset and Wireless headset

Many people like wireless headphones, but what I want to tell you is that wireless headphones are generally not as good as wired headphones.


The purer the sound quality of the wired earphone cable, the better the distortion, and the smaller the distortion, the better the oxygen-free copper. At present, wireless headsets are mainly Bluetooth and wireless transmission. Bluetooth has advantages, as long as the mobile phone and the portable player support Bluetooth devices.


Brand and Price

Under normal circumstances, the higher the price, the better the quality and sound quality. This is the law of the market. The high price of high-end international brands is higher than that of domestic low-end brands. The higher the price, the better the sound quality. It is still necessary for the wearer to feel, so it is better to choose the one that suits you.